"Chika", a character illustrated by popular illustrator Yuki Azuma, has now been recreated as a scale figure.

Once upon a time there was a legendary Oiran (Japanese courtesan) in a certain district.
Her facial expression leaves a trace of adolescences yet also exudes an enigmatic sensuality, tempting the viewer to an irresistible tower of desire.
Will it be the shimenawa rope or the viewer that will shield the most delicate part of her body...?
The sword that is propped up can also be used as an alternative toy to encourage her sexual stimulation.
Be sure to add the erotic and irresistible Chika who amorously invites you to sensual pleasure.


Series: Assorted Anime Characters
Character: CHIKA
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: pvc
Scale: 1/7
Size: 13 cm = 5.1" tall