For every figure of Shinji Ikari, there seem to be approximately 823 figures of Rei Ayanami or Asuka Soryu Langley, but now Medicom rides to the rescue with this fantastic action doll of the beleaguered pilot of Evangelion Unit 01! Based on his appearance in the recent film "Evangelion 2:0 You Can (Not) Advance," Shinji was sculpted by Keisuke Sawada of Sawada Workshop, and he's built on Medicom's Skinny Body type. Highly posable, Shinji has two pairs of interchangeable hands (relaxed and fisted,) and he stands about 30cm tall; a base is included, too. Don't miss this opportunity to add an action doll of an iconic character to your collection today!


Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character: Shinji Ikari
Material: ABS
Scale: 1/6