From Kyokucho's illustration "Kaede and Suzu," we present the older twin "Kaede Hoshizuki!"

From Kyokucho's extremely popular series "Kaede and Suzu," we present a 1/6 scale figure of the older twin "Kaede Hoshizuki!"

Featured in Comic Babel's "Kaede and Suzu," Kaede Hoshizuki is presented here in bondage. Wearing an erotic maid costume and tied to a chair, every detail in the original illustration has been meticulously recreated.
By using the tear parts, you can enjoy her misty eyed gaze.
And of course, Kyokucho completely oversaw every step of her creation!!
Includes many optional parts, such as dripping liquid and panties dropped on the floor.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy this Kaede, who try as she may cannot escape.