Tragic heroine Touka Takamiya from the popular computer game "Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma!" All the appeal of a married woman, but she only wears her apron like that for you. Includes apron made with real cloth, allowing you to enjoy a variety of different scenarios. This large 1/4 scale sized figure is wearing actual tights for an extra exciting feel. Glasses, lingerie, or completely nude - custom tailor exactly the way you want! Let Touka liven up your living space, fitting your mood of the moment. And with BINDing's first ever "dripping liquid" parts, your imagination is about to run even wilder. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this promiscuous woman's pleasure.


Series: Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma!
Character: Touka Takamiya
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/4