From the original story “Magical Girls” by popular illustrator RAITA comes this figure of Kotone Sasaki, wearing a bunny costume! The design for this figure was based on an original illustration provided by none other than RAITA himself. Recreated at 1/4 scale, her lavishly slender bunny-clad body is a stark contrast to the first figure in this series, Misa Suzuhara. Sasaki is wearing actual fishnet tights, made with the same material as real tights, giving her long slender legs and hip line an expressive natural shadow. Her small, well formed breasts - elegantly ethereal body, without an ounce of extra flesh. Incomparable to Misa Suzuhara, lavish Sasaki’s distinctive physique in the affection it deserves, as she stands an impressive 35cm in height.


Series: Raita Original Character (Magical Girl Series)
Character: Kotone Sasaki
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/4
Size: 35 cm = 13.8" tall