This is a pack of trading cards containing 11 cards with a guarantee GX inside!!!

The final Japanese set for the Sun & Moon series! This brand new special set celebrates the now iconic Tag Teams from recently released expansions. It contains cards from Tag Bolt, Double Blaze, and other tag team sets. Similar to the GX Ultra Shiny set, it features 53 secret cards to collect! GX cards that didn't get a full art or hyper rare in previous sets get it in this one. In addition there are 7 gold secret rare cards to add to your collection, including Gold Charizard and Reshiram GX Tag team. The booster box will contain 11 cards. 1 Guaranteed GX, 2 holofoil cards, 1 energy card, nd 1 parallel foil card. This is the first set to have a "god pack". 1 out of 250 packs may contain 10 Super-Rare cards instead of the usual distribution!!!


Series: Pokémon
Character: Pokemon Characters
Product Type: Trading Cards