Megahouse sure knows how to delight the Sailor Moon Fans and brings us yet another Petit Chara Land edition right after the Yukata set. This time there are four different figures and many will have waited for this after the Starlight set. Now we also get to see their civil identities as the boyband Three Lights. They found their band to search for their lost princess Kakyuu. They become very popular and the whole main cast of the show joins their fanclub after a while. Their songs have an immense reach so that they accomplish their goal in the end. The three of them are wearing their school uniforms just like the Usagi figurine that accompanies them. The exclusive set comes in a nice collector's box. The set is an exclusive release and all the characters will share the same box which means that the single figures will not have a box when shipped. We will package them accordingly, of course.


Series: Sailor Moon
Character: Sailor Moon Characters
Material: PVC