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1/8 Chris PVC

1/8 Chris PVC


Pre-Order AUD $269.95
1/8 Kashima: Shopping Mode PVC

1/8 Kashima: Shoppin...

Good Smile Arts Shanghai

Pre-Order AUD $189.95
To Love-Ru Darkness Tearju Lunatique Darkness Ver. PVC

To Love-Ru Darkness ...

Union Creative

Pre-Order AUD $299.95
Nendoroid Gridman: SSSS. DX Ver.

Nendoroid Gridman: S...

Good Smile Company

Pre-Order AUD $119.95
Bishoujo Mangekyou - Sin and Punishment Girl - 1/6 Yuuri Kannagi illustration by Jin Happoubi

Bishoujo Mangekyou -...

Skytube (Alphamax)

Pre-Order AUD $319.95
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-" Rem 1/1 Bust Figure

Re:ZERO -Starting Li...


Pre-Order AUD $6,499.95
Teen Titans Go! - SuperCute Plush (Sold Separately)

Teen Titans Go! - Su...


AUD $19.99
Fortnite - Tomatohead 5-Star Vinyl Figure

Fortnite - Tomatohea...


AUD $19.99
Fortnite - Dark Voyager Pop! Vinyl

Fortnite - Dark Voya...


AUD $18.99
Sailor Moon - Mystery Minis Gamestop US Exclusive Blind Box (Sold Separately)

Sailor Moon - Myster...


AUD $9.99

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  1. Bacteria Farm

    Bacteria Farm

    In stock
    AUD $19.95

    The Bacteria Farm is a great first biology kit for any budding scientist.

  2. BigMouth Game Over Controller Mug

    BigMouth Game Over Controller Mug

    In stock
    AUD $14.95

    Get a grip, gamer! There’s no better mug for the uncaffeinated gamer than the Game Over Mug.

  3. Compass Keyring in beaker

    Compass Keyring in beaker

    In stock
    AUD $4.95

    You may get lost but you'll always know which way is north with this portable keyring compass.

  4. Disceez Assortment (Sold Separately)

    Disceez Assortment (Sold Separately)

    In stock
    AUD $6.99

    The soft & safe indoor/outdoor flying disc with incredible precision.

  5. Growing Crystals (Sold Separately)

    Growing Crystals (Sold Separately)

    In stock
    AUD $5.95

    Use the crystal powder provided to grow your own crystals and experiment with growing them multiple ways.

  6. Origami Bouquet Petite

    Origami Bouquet Petite

    In stock
    AUD $4.95

    Create a bouquet of pretty flowers using the ancient Japanese art of origami.

  7. Schylling – Jester Jack In The Box

    Schylling – Jester Jack In The Box

    In stock
    AUD $29.95

    Turn the handle to hear a fun song and POP!

  8. Skeleton Kit

    Skeleton Kit

    In stock
    AUD $19.95

    The Skeleton Bone Assembly is a 15 piece set to learn all about human anatomy as you build your own replica human skeleton.

  9. Slime factory

    Slime factory

    In stock
    AUD $19.95

    The Slime Factory kit includes everything needed for five exciting experiments to help kids learn about polymers and chemical reactions in daily life, as well as ending up...

  10. Snake Cube Puzzle

    Snake Cube Puzzle

    In stock
    AUD $4.95

    Can you solve the cube? This two toned snake puzzle is a mechanical chain of 27 wooden cubelets that slither their way into a 3x3 cube.

  11. Spiral Graphic Petite

    Spiral Graphic Petite

    In stock
    AUD $4.95

    Create unique spiralling artworks with this small spiral graphic set.

  12. Spiral Scratch Gallery

    Spiral Scratch Gallery

    In stock
    AUD $15.95

    Use mathematics to produce beautiful etched artwork with the Spiral Scratch. With sheets of rainbow etching paper and a spirogpraph.

  13. Wheeler's Optic Fibre Lamp

    Wheeler's Optic Fibre Lamp

    In stock
    AUD $24.95

    This 34cm diameter optic fibre lamp will bring vibrant colours and, with floating glitter in the base, sparkle to any room.

  14. Zits Little Breakout (Sold Separately)

    Zits Little Breakout (Sold Separately)

    In stock
    AUD $3.95

    Zits Eww Pop n' Play Pimples pack is taking "gross" to a whole new level. You can press them on, squeeze em, and gross out everyone!

  15. Zuru Oosh Never Wet Sand Assortment (Sold Separately)

    Zuru Oosh Never Wet Sand Assortment (Sold Separately)

    In stock
    AUD $17.95

    Never Wet Sand is pure magic. When dry it feels like regular sand but when put in water, it becomes a mouldable building material.

  16. Zuru Oosh Smart Sand Assortment (Sold Separately)

    Zuru Oosh Smart Sand Assortment (Sold Separately)

    In stock
    AUD $17.95

    Oosh Smart Sand mimics the properties of wet sand so you can mold it and shape it anyway you want.

16 Item(s)

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