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“Rebuild of Evangelion” SanteFX neo Eye Drops: Shinji Ikari

“Rebuild of Evangelion” SanteFX neo Eye Drops: Shinji Ikari
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Shinji Ikari
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Evangelion has teamed up with Santen Pharmaceutical for a campaign with SanteFX NEO and V+ eye drops. SanteFX neo is an eye drop that brightens your mood immediately after the refreshing sensation drops are applied. From students preparing for tests to hard workers - eye discomfort is cleared up immediately and you will feel like you can keep on going."

Perhaps they'll cure Rei's red eye!

What is this eyedrop good for?
Eye strain, conjunctival congestion, itchy eyes, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming and when dust or sweat enters the eyes), inflammation of the eye due to ultraviolet light or other optical radiation(snow blindness etc.), blurred vision (severe eye discharge), sore eyelids, irritation caused by contact lenses

Contain effective active ingredients that help to relieve eye fatigue
Maximum concentrations* of amino acids (taurine, Potassium L-aspartate) are contained.

It also contains neostigmine methylsulfate which improves focus adjustment. Sante FX is highly effective for eye fatigue and red-eye relief offering a refreshing and long lasting cooling sensation.

Since its foundation in 1890, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has contributed to the protection and improvement of people's eyesight and health. Santen's integrated operations extend from research and development to production and sales of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

*Products have passed their use by date, this item is sold for collectible purposes only!

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