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Shopkins Shoppies Beach Style! - Popsi Blue

Shopkins Shoppies Beach Style! - Popsi Blue
AUD $17.95
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Action Doll
Moose Toys
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Popsi Blue sails through life with the wind in her hair!
She keeps her cool in any situation and never gets hot under the collar. This girl always sticks by her friends and loves sharing a popsicle on a summer’s day. The best way to chill is just go with the flow!

• All new Beach Style Shoppie dolls!
• Popsi Blue and her Shopkin – Chilly the Kid.
• Brushable hair and popsicle headpiece!
• Removable themed shoes and rubber ring accessory!
• Mini Magazine containing code to unlock VIP access and Rewards in the Shopkins World app!

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