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  1. Action Figure
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  1. ABS , PVC , Diecast

Myth Cloth Harpy Valentine

Myth Cloth Harpy Valentine
AUD $69.95
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Saint Seiya
Harpy Valentine
Product Type:
Action Figure
ABS , PVC , Diecast
16 cm = 6.3" tall
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The long-awaited Harpy Valentine is finally here! One of the 108 Specters who was defeated by Seiya, he's 16cm tall and highly posable; he comes with die-cast armor, two facial expressions, and extra hands. Use the armor pieces to build the Harpy Object! Add him to your collection today!

As way of showing Saint Seiya fans some love, Bandai released the Harpy Valentine Saint Cloth Myth figure around Valentine’s Day this year. Which is fitting since his name is a pun on the holiday saying “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Harpy Valentine is one of Hades’ 108 Specters. The 108 Specters were derived by Kurumada from the 108 demonic overloards of Taoism, who are represented by 108 stars of destiny. Valentine is the Celestial Wailing Star.

In the Saint Seiya anime, Harpy Valentine makes his first appearance when he drops the defeated body of Phoenix Ikki at Cocytus, the 8th prison of hell reserved for the mortals who would dare raise their fists against the Gods. On this trip to the icy wasteland of Cocytus, Valentine found that Pegasus Seiya, who had arrived there earlier, was still very much alive, although mostly frozen into the crust of the land .Seiya convinces Valentine to free him with the proposition that they will fight and if Valentine wins, Seiya will hand over Athena’s Cloth to him. Valentine almost makes short work of Seiya, who has been weakened by his imprisonment in Cocytus.

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