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MODEROID Mazinkaiser SKL

MODEROID Mazinkaiser SKL
Pre-Order AUD $119.95
Mazinkaiser Haou
Product Type:
Model Kit
Good Smile Company
ABS and PS
14.5 cm = 5.7” tall
50% deposit is required
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EXPECTED TIME of ARRIVAL (ETA): November - December 2019

We are hell!! Hell Wing Cross! Mazinkaiser SKL

From the plastic model series "MODEROID" comes a new entry in the "Mazinkaiser" universe: Mazinkaiser SKL! Based on a new product design from Mazinkaiser SKL designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka. Ganzanto and his Breast Trigger handguns are removable, and they can be combined to create the Fang Burst rifle. The wing parts include a brand new opening and closing feature.

The runners are separated by color as well as pre-painted parts allowing the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The model is made from PS and ABS plastic. Extra details can be added with additional paintwork. The joints feature a wide range of articulation making for easy posing. Be sure to add this kit to your collection!

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