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Hatchimals Fabula Forest – Hatching Egg with Interactive Tigrette

Hatchimals Fabula Forest – Hatching Egg with Interactive Tigrette
AUD $79.95
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Spin Master
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All new Hatchimals from Fabula Forest are here – and they’re bringing the party! These funky friends come with brand new music and games! Teach Tigrette how to say your name and she’ll repeat it back to you! She’ll even use your name in everyday chat! For more fun, record new names again and again! To meet your furry friend, hold and play with the metallic speckled egg until you see rainbow eyes light up inside! When you hear pecking, it’s hatching time! Your magical Tigrette will peck her way out of the egg – but only with your help! Once hatched, Tigrette will be ready to play! With funky striped fur and shiny metallic ears, she’s so much fun! Raise her through three stages, from baby to toddler to kid, and unlock new games and tricks along the way! Love and care for your very own Tigrette with Hatchimals Fabula Forest!

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