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1/8 Itou Ittousai -Souken gyokkou zan- PVC

1/8 Itou Ittousai -S...


Pre-Order AUD $339.95
1/8 Batman Ninja PVC

1/8 Batman Ninja PVC...

Good Smile Company

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Nendoroid Kiana: Winter Princess Ver.

Nendoroid Kiana: Win...

Good Smile Company

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1/7 Megumi Kato PVC

1/7 Megumi Kato PVC


Pre-Order AUD $219.95
Nendoroid Riku Nanase

Nendoroid Riku Nanas...

Orange Rouge

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Nendoroid Momo Minamoto

Nendoroid Momo Minam...

Good Smile Company

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Nendoroid Seimei

Nendoroid Seimei

Good Smile Company

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1/6 Ade-Sugata Zero PVC

1/6 Ade-Sugata Zero ...


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Date A Live - Fantasia 30th Anniversary Project - 1/7 Tohka Yatogami: Astral Dress Ver. PVC

Date A Live - Fantas...


Pre-Order AUD $329.95

WarTech: Senko no Ronde

is an Xbox 360 video game, a port of the arcade fighter/shooter hybrid developed by G.rev for the Sega Naomi board. Two revisions have been released in the arcades. A home port was released in Japan on July 27, 2006 for the Xbox 360 with enhanced graphics, a more concise story for each character, and network play. The American localization was released on May 29, 2007 for the Xbox 360 from Ubisoft. On May 20, 2010, a sequel entitled Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order was released for the Xbox 360, which has many new features, a larger cast and more extensive story mode. As of right now G.rev has announced no plans for localizing the sequel outside of Japan.

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  1. 1/8 Baek Changpo PVC

    1/8 Baek Changpo PVC

    In stock
    AUD $59.95

    The tough trouble maker with a cute face~♪

  2. 1/7 Peruna (Ernula) Cos.B2 PVC

    1/7 Peruna (Ernula) Cos.B2 PVC

    Out of stock
    AUD $134.95

    Ernula, as she's known in the "Senko no Ronde" videogame, is one of many androids, all with roughly the same appearance!

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