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1/7 Reina Kagurazaka PONITE illustration by Hiten

1/7 Reina Kagurazaka...

Daiki Kogyo

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1/4 Teletha Testarossa: Bunny Ver. PVC

1/4 Teletha Testaros...


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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2 - 1/7 Yukino Yukinoshita Lingerie Ver. PVC

My Teen Romantic Com...


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Nendoorid Kirito: Elite Swordsman Ver.

Nendoorid Kirito: El...

Good Smile Company

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Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - 1/7 Beatrice PVC

Re:ZERO - Starting L...


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1/7 Akane Shinjo PVC

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Phat! Company

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Nendoroid Izumi Sena

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Orange Rouge

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1/7 Zero Two PVC

1/7 Zero Two PVC

Max Factory

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1/6 Hanazono Himeka illustration by Tony

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Skytube (Alphamax)

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1/7 Kizuna AI PVC

1/7 Kizuna AI PVC

Good Smile Company

Pre-Order AUD $189.95

Anime At Abbotsford's Come as your Favourite Character Cosplay BBQ

Anime At Abbotsford's FREE Cosplay BBQ
Facebook Event Page: (if you are able to attend, please invite yourself in)

Sunday 31st March 2016
from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Location: 318 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046, Sydney-Australia

COME AS YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER! It could be characters from Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Super Heroes, or your original creation!

Friends and family are most welcome :)

Activities for the day (subject to change):
- A song video will be made of the event !
- DJ with all the latest tunes and anime songs. 
- Bring your Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vanguards and Weiß Schwarz cards !!! Just in case.
- Get ready to be in our now famous "from the roof" photo !!!
- Stay tuned for anything extra that we are gonna add-on !!!

Cosplay Competition (starts at 2 pm) .. be prepared to be who you come as !! Overact and use the crowd !!!

- First Prize $250 Anime Gift Voucher
- Second Prize $150 Anime Gift Voucher
- Third Prize $100 Anime Gift Voucher2 random prizes will be drawn out for anyone who participates in the competition


This is a cosplay event, to participate in this event, you MUST be in cosplay!

This is an all aged event, please cosplay appropriately.

Cosplay weapons are permitted, nothing sharp!Weapons are the responsibility of the carrier.

Firearm replicas and knives are NOT allowed!!!

Please do not parade around your weapon replicas outside the venue.

Please keep them covered until you enter the venue.

We do not take any responsibilities if you get in trouble with the law!

B.Y.O Drinks (Juice/Soft drinks/Water)

NO ALCOHOL will be allowed in as this is an all aged event!