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1/7 Super Sonico Love Bomber! PVC

1/7 Super Sonico Lov...

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Pre-Order AUD $399.95
Zoukei Shinka Gekiteki Statue 01 - Fate/EXTELLA 1/7 Saber Regalia - Nero Claudius PVC

Zoukei Shinka Gekite...


Pre-Order AUD $499.95
Red Butterfly - Hoteri PVC

Red Butterfly - Hote...


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1/4 Nana Astar Deviluke: Bunny Ver. PVC

1/4 Nana Astar Devil...


AUD $479.95
1/4 Touka Takamiya PVC

1/4 Touka Takamiya P...


AUD $664.95
1/6 Neptune Pyoiiiin Ver. PVC

1/6 Neptune Pyoiiiin...


AUD $379.95
Date A Live - 1/6 Tohka Yatogami Inverted - Deactivated Reisou Ver. PVC

Date A Live - 1/6 To...


AUD $299.95
1/7 Jibril PVC

1/7 Jibril PVC

Phat! Company

AUD $354.95
Gift Box Girl: 1/6 Sari Shibusa PVC

Gift Box Girl: 1/6 S...

Rocket Boy

AUD $459.95
1/8 Haruna: Shopping Mode PVC

1/8 Haruna: Shopping...

Good Smile Company

AUD $214.95

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  • Character: Shimakaze

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  1. Kantai Collection - 1/8 Shimakaze PVC Hobby Japan AMAKUNI

    Kantai Collection - 1/8 Shimakaze PVC Hobby Japan AMAKUNI

    In stock
    AUD $229.95

    No need to explain about "Kancolle", right? It is the hottest Japanese Contents now. AMAKUNI produces its character "SHIMAKAZE". This qutie and coquettish figure is one o...

  2. Alloy Shimakaze

    Alloy Shimakaze

    In stock
    AUD $249.95

    Alloy Shimakaze, ready for deployment!

  3. 1/7 Shimakaze PVC

    1/7 Shimakaze PVC

    Out of stock
    AUD $239.95

    "Come on Rensouhou-chan, let's go together!"

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  4. 1/4 Shimakaze PVC

    1/4 Shimakaze PVC

    In stock
    AUD $699.95

    "Shimakaze, deploying!" A 1/4th scale figure of Shimakaze has arrived!

4 Item(s)

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