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1/7 Reina Kagurazaka PONITE illustration by Hiten

1/7 Reina Kagurazaka...

Daiki Kogyo

Pre-Order AUD $349.95
1/4 Teletha Testarossa: Bunny Ver. PVC

1/4 Teletha Testaros...


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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2 - 1/7 Yukino Yukinoshita Lingerie Ver. PVC

My Teen Romantic Com...


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Nendoorid Kirito: Elite Swordsman Ver.

Nendoorid Kirito: El...

Good Smile Company

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Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - 1/7 Beatrice PVC

Re:ZERO - Starting L...


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1/7 Akane Shinjo PVC

1/7 Akane Shinjo PVC...

Phat! Company

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Nendoroid Izumi Sena

Nendoroid Izumi Sena...

Orange Rouge

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1/7 Zero Two PVC

1/7 Zero Two PVC

Max Factory

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1/6 Hanazono Himeka illustration by Tony

1/6 Hanazono Himeka ...

Skytube (Alphamax)

Pre-Order AUD $399.95
1/7 Kizuna AI PVC

1/7 Kizuna AI PVC

Good Smile Company

Pre-Order AUD $189.95

Manaka de Ikuno!!

is a collection of four games: a role-playing video game titled "Final Dragon Chronicle: Guilty Requiem" featuring the characters of To Heart 2, an action game titled "Magical Fight!" , a collectible card game titled "Princess Collection", and a 3D visual novel titled "Mananatsu: Iincho to Tokubetsu na Ichinichi" featuring Manaka as the heroine. Its limited edition release included an illustration book and an original soundtrack disc; the regular edition did not contain the aforementioned extras. An all-ages version of "Final Dragon Chronicle" for the PlayStation Portable, titled To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers, was released on June 30, 2011.

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  1. 1/8 Ilfa Kunoichi PVC

    1/8 Ilfa Kunoichi PVC

    In stock
    AUD $159.95

    Here comes robot maid Ilfa from "To Heart 2", in her Kunoichi (female ninja) outfit from the game "Manaka de Ikuno!!".

  2. 1/8 Samurai Tamaki PVC

    1/8 Samurai Tamaki PVC

    In stock
    AUD $129.95

    This Tamaki Kousaka figure features an outfit seen in the erogame "Manaka de Ikuno!!", a spinoff of "To Heart 2."!

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Set Ascending Direction